Our DUBTurbo Review, Why We Think It’s Awesome

If you’re interested in making your own beats without dropping a couple grand on professional equipment and studio time, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to read this DUBTurbo Review through to the end. But wait, here is my promised dubturbo discount offer. If you’re not yet convinced, continue reading my review below and you will be.

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I recently tried out a new beat making software called DUBTurbo and was completely impressed. So I’ll tell you what I liked (a lot), what I didn’t like (not much, but some minor things), and who I think this software is right for. If you do not know what DUBTurbo is, it is a personal beat making software that you can use on your personal computer (or online) to create your tracks in virtually any genre of music. It offers studio quality sound, a 16-track sequencer, drum machine, keyboard kit, and over 2400 studio made samples, sound kits, and a bunch more features.

Watch the video below to learn more!

About Me

I started creating my own beats on my home computer about 3 years ago. I wasn’t trying to go anywhere with it, I was just trying to recreate some of the sounds I missed from the old school hip-hop made during the 90’s! After awhile, I tried to start creating my own stuff. I used every free software program I could get my hands on at first, but all of them were pretty bad (Jamstudio was alright, but lacked a lot of features and the usability was not great).

My Initial Impression

I finally broke down and figured I could spare the money for recently released DUB Turbo 2.0. I didn’t have high expectations, after all, what could you really expect from a computer program that was less than $50??

After downloading it, I watched all of the tutorial videos so I could get myself up and running without fumbling around. The interface is easy to use and makes sense the way it is laid out. Everything is point, click and drag, which makes it really easy to modify anything that you are doing.

I made my first beat in under an hour, which was pretty awesome! I am confident that anyone could do it just as fast as I did because the training videos are very thorough.

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Here’s What I Really Like About DUBTurbo 2.0


The Tutorial Videos Show You What To Do: There are training videos that you can access right from the program. You can watch and replicate exactly what the videos are teaching you, which is great for people who have never created beats before.

These videos also give you a great introduction to what the main features are of the program and how to actually use the software. You can watch and learn very quickly, and you will not get lost trying to search for what you want to do next.

Check out the first beginner video. Don’t Worry They Get Much More Advanced ;)

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It is Very Easy To Use, So You Won’t Waste Time Fumbling Around: All of the interfaces inside of the program are point, click and drag. There is nothing messy about what you are doing. It’s easy to replicate any of the 16 tracks (YES! it has a 16 track sequencer!) because of the copy and edit features. You can also look at some of the built in tracks to see what a great beat looks!

This is actually how I started. I took one of the premium samples I liked, and changed it around so most of the elements were different.

DUBTurbo definitely teaches you the basics. Sound mixing is about sequencing at its core. You’ll learn these skills and be able to practice and hone them at a price that’s pretty cheap before spending buckets of money on bigger digital audio workshops (DAWs).

You can see how easy it is to make beats and play notes with your keyboard!

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It Is Broadcast Quality, So You Can Sell Your Beats: Some people will not recognize how important this is, and frankly, some will never need that level of sophistication. But if you have any intention of ever being recognized as a professional or selling your services, you have to deliver in-studio quality sound (44.1 Stereo .wav files). DUB Turbo 2.0 does that standard.

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So many samples you'll go nuts.

There Are Thousands Of Samples To Get You Started:Sometimes the best way to get started doing your own stuff is to modify the work of others. Their patterns are very revealing, especially if you do not have much experience. This allows you to see how beats you like are constructed so you can better make and modify your own.

There is also access (through the program) to other users of DUBTurbo who have made beats that they are selling. If you cannot find a baseline to modify, head online and shop around. This is also a way for you to make some money yourself! If your stuff is good, other people will buy it!

You Can Import Your Own Sounds! I really think this is the one of the greatest features DUBTurbo 2.0 has going for it. You already have way over 2400+ studio quality sounds that come standard with the program. But for some reason if that is not enough, just import your own! This is a simple way to get the exact sound you are looking for if the need arises, and is missing in so many other alternatives.

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No Need To Buy Equipment Yet: There is no need to buy any additional equipment. Prior to DUBTurbo, if you were serious about creating professional and stereo quality beats, you needed to spend the money on keyboards, mixers, samplers, monitors, earphones, microphones, software, wires, and soundcards. This adds up fast and is a probably 50x more expensive than where DUBTurbo is priced right now.

Plus, most artists are not serious enough to invest in a digital audio workstation. That is so much money to spend; you had to be really committed before finding out this may not be for you. Now, Dub Turbo 2.0 allows someone who is just beginning or who has some experience to really get their feet wet before shelling out money for a high end system. DAWs are a big commitment for the average producer, and this lets you produce at a semi-professional level before making that investment.

Here’s The Two Things That I Think Could Improve: First, you are going to need a good sound card in your computer. It takes a little bit of power to run this program. I’m guessing that if your computer is less than 3 years old, you should be good. Even if you have to do an upgrade to get the full potential out of this software, sound cards are cheap and it is still so much less expensive than buying a whole bunch of DAW equipment.

If You’re Already A Pro, You Probably Want Something Better: First off, I do not consider myself a professional by any means. But if you are a professional, you are probably ready for something that has more capability and customization than DUBTurbo 2.0. Most of the people who are looking to create beats are not professionals yet, though. Dub Turbo 2.0 will let beginners and intermediates and even semi-professionals learn how to produce stereo quality tracks and even make some good money from the industry before graduating to something higher end.

I definitely believe that you could use this software to establish yourself. It’s that good.


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All-in-all, this is an excellent purchase. I hope I have given you some of the reasons why I am happy that I picked up DUBTurbo 2.0. Between how easy it is to get started, the quality of sound that I was able to produce in less than an hour after installing the software, the training videos that walked me completely through each step so I could get up and running fast, and the sheer number of professionally recorded sounds (over 2400) that come with this, Dub Turbo 2.0 will definitely be worth your time and money.

Check Out Some Of My Sample Beats I Made With DUBTurbo 2.0

Be patient, it will take some time to load.


Not bad huh? Make Your Own Beats Now >>>

Note: After your purchase you will offered a couple of add ons. In my opinion they are very good value for money. The first will be an ebook on how to sell beats and make money from them. If this is something you wish to do down the track, then this will be the opportunity to get you started. The other add-on will be the VIP Sound Pool, personally I think everyone should consider this. Every month you will get more hot samples and sound kits. We all know how good the DUBTurbo sound kits are, so this is a no brainer :)

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    1. Dave says:

      Just bought through your discount link! Can’t wait to learn and hopefully make a decent beat

    2. MC Crow says:

      Awesome you just saved me 10 bux! This software is dope for the price. Hopefully i’ll be able to make a few bangers very soon!

    3. DJ Shrout says:

      Awesome software! I just saw the video for the upcoming dubturbo VST addon. Looks freakin siiccckkkk!!

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