DUB Turbo 2.0 Demo – Get A Sneak Peak

NOTE: DUB Turbo 2.0 is HERE – it has just been released! DUBTurbo 2.0 has been built from the ground up, in order words, from scratch. So what does that mean? Well it means that rather than just tweaking a few things, getting rid of the bugs and changing around the layout – the creators took what was great about DUB Turbo 1.5 and got feedback about what was bad about DUB Turbo 1.5… and then set about addressing the issues.

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As a result DUB Turbo 2.0 promises to be much more stable and smooth. There’s also been a lot hate around this beat making software from big time producers and software companies saying it may not compare to their much more established DAWs. This may be the case but these people don’t understand DUB Turbo for what it is. The purpose of the software was never to compete against the other expensive DAWs around.

The purpose is to offer solution for small time producers, people that make beats as a hobby or those that are just starting out in the business. DUB Turbo is much more affordable and has the power to create some really HOT beats and tracks. DUB Turbo was not meant for a producer that is working on the new track for Eminem, Drake or Rihanna.

So What’s New In DUB Turbo 2.0?

  • New sleek interface and layout. Easier to navigate around the software.
  • Over 2,400 custom made sound kits, samples, voxes, effects, beatbox sounds
  • Better performance with a lot of the software bugs completely gone
  • Copy and paste bars vertically and in groups. Extend your tracks quick!
  • New panel designs
  • Crisper sounds
  • You can find a complete list of DUB Turbo 2.0 bug fixes and improvements here


Check out part 1 of our DUB Turbo Demo video below


Check out part 2 of our DUB Turbo Demo video below

So Why Should You Buy DUB Turbo 2.0 Today?

The main reason is that the price could go up, it is realistic to assume that with these extra sounds, bug fixes and better performance – it will raise the value of the software. However you’re in luck, the team have decided to keep the price the same, as a special introductory price. So if you don’t hesitate and purchase DUB Turbo 2.0, you will be able to get it at the same price as the predecessor! With our 25% discount, there’s even more reason to purchase through us (simply sign up on the top right of this website to get your discount link!)

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