The 5 Best VST Plugins

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vst plugins can be confusing

If you’re getting into music production, you aren’t going to get far without a VST plugin. VST, or Virtual Studio Technology, refers to an interface which integrates audio editing, synthesizers and effects. VST

technology was developed by Steinberg, but there are literally thousands of VST plugins in existence, and many different audio applications support VST. Some VST plugins are free while others are commercial. The commercial plugins are sometimes expensive, but the free plugins often lack all the features you need. With thousands of options to choose from, how do you select a good VST? Here are five of the best VST plugins.

5. GForce – Minimonsta.

This VST is modeled after the Minimoog synthesizer which was manufactured between the years 1971-1982.  This is the virtual equivalent of the classic synthesizer (if you want a real one, you’ll have a tough time getting your hands on it).  This will take you back to the pioneering days of synthesizing!

4. Spectrasonics – Trillian.

If you’re looking for realistic synthesized guitar sounds, this is the perfect VST plugin.  You’ll get acoustic and bass guitar notes which are natural sounding, but which can optionally be augmented with unreal sound effects for a more unique sound.

3. Native Instruments – Massive.

If you’re looking for some serious bass notes with a contemporary sound, then you’ll like the Massive VST from Native Instruments.  The name of the VST describes the sounds you can get—if you’re looking to make a serious impact, this is a perfect choice.

2. Native Instruments – Reaktor 5.

This plugin comes with more than 70 modern synthesized sounds along with access to some 3000 more online.  You’ll find classic and modern synths and even methods like delay-line resonance and granular synthesis.  Instruments are fully customizable.

1. DubTurbo VST.

This is a DubTurbo VST expansion set which you can use to augment the popular media production suite by the same name. Of all the options, this one may be one of the best. The program includes many exciting tools and features which allow you to fine tune your mastering, pan your sounds with a unique visual interface, harmonize vocals, sample sounds and more. This program isn’t free, but it’s more affordable than many other options and comes with a full suite of great features.

When you’re new to the world of media production it can be tough to get started. You can try out some free VST plugins to get a feel for the technology and how it can help you out with your beats, but eventually you’ll probably want to step up to a commercial program. The most expensive software isn’t necessarily the best. Affordable programs like DubTurbo VST can offer you everything you need to make outstanding music professionally at a reasonable price. Check into it today and seize more control than ever over the audio production process. This is the same software which professional music producers have relied on to create their hits, and you could be next.

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    1. CZ says:

      Where are the plugins..? You list four applications, one of which can be run as a VSTi (Deckadance), and only one VST(i) plugin (DubTurbo).

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