Our DUBTurbo Review, Why We Think It’s Awesome

If you’re interested in making your own beats without dropping a couple grand on professional equipment and studio time, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to read this DUBTurbo Review through to the end. But wait, here is my promised dubturbo discount offer. If you’re not yet convinced, continue reading my review below and you will be.

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I recently tried out a new beat making software called DUBTurbo and was completely impressed. So I’ll tell you what I liked (a lot), what I didn’t like (not much, but some minor things), and who I think this software is right for. If you do not know what DUBTurbo is, it is a personal beat making software that you can use on your personal computer (or online) to create your tracks in virtually any genre of music. It offers studio quality sound, a 16-track sequencer, drum machine, keyboard kit, and over 2400 studio made samples, sound kits, and a bunch more features.

Watch the video below to learn more!

About Me

I started creating my own beats on my home computer about 3 years ago. I wasn’t trying to go anywhere with it, I was just trying to recreate some of the sounds I missed from the old school hip-hop made during the 90’s! After awhile, I tried to start creating my own stuff. I used every free software program I could get my hands on at first, but all of them were pretty bad (Jamstudio was alright, but lacked a lot of features and the usability was not great).

My Initial Impression

I finally broke down and figured I could spare the money for recently released DUB Turbo 2.0. I didn’t have high expectations, after all, what could you really expect from a computer program that was less than $50??

After downloading it, I watched all of the tutorial videos so I could get myself up and running without fumbling around. The interface is easy to use and makes sense the way it is laid out. Everything is point, click and drag, which makes it really easy to modify anything that you are doing.

I made my first beat in under an hour, which was pretty awesome! I am confident that anyone could do it just as fast as I did because the training videos are very thorough.

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Here’s What I Really Like About DUBTurbo 2.0


The Tutorial Videos Show You What To Do: There are training videos that you can access right from the program. You can watch and replicate exactly what the videos are teaching you, which is great for people who have never created beats before.

These videos also give you a great introduction to what the main features are of the program and how to actually use the software. You can watch and learn very quickly, and you will not get lost trying to search for what you want to do next.

Check out the first beginner video. Don’t Worry They Get Much More Advanced ;)

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It is Very Easy To Use, So You Won’t Waste Time Fumbling Around: All of the interfaces inside of the program are point, click and drag. There is nothing messy about what you are doing. It’s easy to replicate any of the 16 tracks (YES! it has a 16 track sequencer!) because of the copy and edit features. You can also look at some of the built in tracks to see what a great beat looks!

This is actually how I started. I took one of the premium samples I liked, and changed it around so most of the elements were different.

DUBTurbo definitely teaches you the basics. Sound mixing is about sequencing at its core. You’ll learn these skills and be able to practice and hone them at a price that’s pretty cheap before spending buckets of money on bigger digital audio workshops (DAWs).

You can see how easy it is to make beats and play notes with your keyboard!

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It Is Broadcast Quality, So You Can Sell Your Beats: Some people will not recognize how important this is, and frankly, some will never need that level of sophistication. But if you have any intention of ever being recognized as a professional or selling your services, you have to deliver in-studio quality sound (44.1 Stereo .wav files). DUB Turbo 2.0 does that standard.

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So many samples you'll go nuts.

There Are Thousands Of Samples To Get You Started:Sometimes the best way to get started doing your own stuff is to modify the work of others. Their patterns are very revealing, especially if you do not have much experience. This allows you to see how beats you like are constructed so you can better make and modify your own.

There is also access (through the program) to other users of DUBTurbo who have made beats that they are selling. If you cannot find a baseline to modify, head online and shop around. This is also a way for you to make some money yourself! If your stuff is good, other people will buy it!

You Can Import Your Own Sounds! I really think this is the one of the greatest features DUBTurbo 2.0 has going for it. You already have way over 2400+ studio quality sounds that come standard with the program. But for some reason if that is not enough, just import your own! This is a simple way to get the exact sound you are looking for if the need arises, and is missing in so many other alternatives.

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No Need To Buy Equipment Yet: There is no need to buy any additional equipment. Prior to DUBTurbo, if you were serious about creating professional and stereo quality beats, you needed to spend the money on keyboards, mixers, samplers, monitors, earphones, microphones, software, wires, and soundcards. This adds up fast and is a probably 50x more expensive than where DUBTurbo is priced right now.

Plus, most artists are not serious enough to invest in a digital audio workstation. That is so much money to spend; you had to be really committed before finding out this may not be for you. Now, Dub Turbo 2.0 allows someone who is just beginning or who has some experience to really get their feet wet before shelling out money for a high end system. DAWs are a big commitment for the average producer, and this lets you produce at a semi-professional level before making that investment.

Here’s The Two Things That I Think Could Improve: First, you are going to need a good sound card in your computer. It takes a little bit of power to run this program. I’m guessing that if your computer is less than 3 years old, you should be good. Even if you have to do an upgrade to get the full potential out of this software, sound cards are cheap and it is still so much less expensive than buying a whole bunch of DAW equipment.

If You’re Already A Pro, You Probably Want Something Better: First off, I do not consider myself a professional by any means. But if you are a professional, you are probably ready for something that has more capability and customization than DUBTurbo 2.0. Most of the people who are looking to create beats are not professionals yet, though. Dub Turbo 2.0 will let beginners and intermediates and even semi-professionals learn how to produce stereo quality tracks and even make some good money from the industry before graduating to something higher end.

I definitely believe that you could use this software to establish yourself. It’s that good.


 >>> Make A Beat in 10 minutes, Check Out The Demo

All-in-all, this is an excellent purchase. I hope I have given you some of the reasons why I am happy that I picked up DUBTurbo 2.0. Between how easy it is to get started, the quality of sound that I was able to produce in less than an hour after installing the software, the training videos that walked me completely through each step so I could get up and running fast, and the sheer number of professionally recorded sounds (over 2400) that come with this, Dub Turbo 2.0 will definitely be worth your time and money.

Check Out Some Of My Sample Beats I Made With DUBTurbo 2.0

Be patient, it will take some time to load.


Not bad huh? Make Your Own Beats Now >>>

Note: After your purchase you will offered a couple of add ons. In my opinion they are very good value for money. The first will be an ebook on how to sell beats and make money from them. If this is something you wish to do down the track, then this will be the opportunity to get you started. The other add-on will be the VIP Sound Pool, personally I think everyone should consider this. Every month you will get more hot samples and sound kits. We all know how good the DUBTurbo sound kits are, so this is a no brainer :)

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    The 5 Best VST Plugins

    5 best vst plugins screenshot

    vst plugins can be confusing

    If you’re getting into music production, you aren’t going to get far without a VST plugin. VST, or Virtual Studio Technology, refers to an interface which integrates audio editing, synthesizers and effects. VST

    technology was developed by Steinberg, but there are literally thousands of VST plugins in existence, and many different audio applications support VST. Some VST plugins are free while others are commercial. The commercial plugins are sometimes expensive, but the free plugins often lack all the features you need. With thousands of options to choose from, how do you select a good VST? Here are five of the best VST plugins.

    5. GForce – Minimonsta.

    This VST is modeled after the Minimoog synthesizer which was manufactured between the years 1971-1982.  This is the virtual equivalent of the classic synthesizer (if you want a real one, you’ll have a tough time getting your hands on it).  This will take you back to the pioneering days of synthesizing!

    4. Spectrasonics – Trillian.

    If you’re looking for realistic synthesized guitar sounds, this is the perfect VST plugin.  You’ll get acoustic and bass guitar notes which are natural sounding, but which can optionally be augmented with unreal sound effects for a more unique sound.

    3. Native Instruments – Massive.

    If you’re looking for some serious bass notes with a contemporary sound, then you’ll like the Massive VST from Native Instruments.  The name of the VST describes the sounds you can get—if you’re looking to make a serious impact, this is a perfect choice.

    2. Native Instruments – Reaktor 5.

    This plugin comes with more than 70 modern synthesized sounds along with access to some 3000 more online.  You’ll find classic and modern synths and even methods like delay-line resonance and granular synthesis.  Instruments are fully customizable.

    1. DubTurbo VST.

    This is a DubTurbo VST expansion set which you can use to augment the popular media production suite by the same name. Of all the options, this one may be one of the best. The program includes many exciting tools and features which allow you to fine tune your mastering, pan your sounds with a unique visual interface, harmonize vocals, sample sounds and more. This program isn’t free, but it’s more affordable than many other options and comes with a full suite of great features.

    When you’re new to the world of media production it can be tough to get started. You can try out some free VST plugins to get a feel for the technology and how it can help you out with your beats, but eventually you’ll probably want to step up to a commercial program. The most expensive software isn’t necessarily the best. Affordable programs like DubTurbo VST can offer you everything you need to make outstanding music professionally at a reasonable price. Check into it today and seize more control than ever over the audio production process. This is the same software which professional music producers have relied on to create their hits, and you could be next.

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      How to Use SoundCloud to Promote Your Beats

      One of the many online tools you can use to promote your beats is SoundCloud. SoundCloud allows users from around the world to share not only music but also any recorded sound. Many beat makers use SoundCloud soundcloud logoOne of the many online tools you can use to promote your beats is to connect to each other and to others in the musical community—and also to find new fans. You can sign up for SoundCloud using your Facebook account if you want, which is a good way to save time and integrate your promotional accounts.

      Using SoundCloud, you can quickly upload your beats with just a few clicks. SoundCloud is familiar with numerous audio formats, so you don’t need to worry about reformatting your music into a friendly format before you upload it. You also have the option of recording straight into the platform. Once your beats are uploaded, you can see the waveform of your beats. Since you can link up SoundCloud with FB, you can set up SoundCloud to update your FB profile every time you post. This saves you time posting and also helps you to more widely disseminate your work. Make sure you check your privacy settings so that you can share your work with the public.

      SoundCloud has a unique commenting feature which allows users to post timed comments on your tracks. Instead of just commenting on the song as a whole, users can actually leave comments at specifically moments as they listen, so you can get timed feedback on specific moments in your tracks. This is a great promotional tool since it encourages interactivity, and it’s also a great learning tool since it can provide you with specific feedback on your work.

      soundcloud commenting screenshot

      SoundClouds unique commenting feature will definitely give you exposure

      SoundCloud and other websites are only as valuable as you make them. In order to reap the greatest rewards from SoundCloud, you’ll need to do your part and interact with others. Take the time to comment on other artists’ work, and provide meaningful, positive feedback. Join Groups. Groups on SoundCloud help you to meet like-minded artists and listeners who are interested in the type of music you are making. You can easily keep up with people you know on SoundCloud using the Dashboard, which informs you of recent activity in your social circle. Only by getting to know the community will the community on SoundCloud get to know you. So you will need to invest some time and effort into corresponding with others on the site.

      Check out our DUBTurbo soundcloud channel.

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        10 Important Ways to Promote Your Beats

        When you’re trying to break into the world of music production, making your beats is just the beginning. Talent is one thing, but success is another. After all, unrewarded genius is so common as to be proverbial. So how do you take that awesome beat you just created and turn it into a hit? What are some websites you can use to promote your music online? How do you help the masses to discover your music? Is there a way you can sell your beats to other music producers for use in their own work? How can you start making money with your creativity?

        cash roolsThe reality is, this isn’t going to be an easy task, and there is no proven method for promoting a creative product like this—but there are some websites which may help you to get the word out. Joining those sites and walking away isn’t going to get you anywhere, however; you’re going to need to put a lot of effort into interacting with the community and spreading the word yourself. Just don’t forget to keep working on your creative product as you promote—since there isn’t a guaranteed way to make people notice you, some days all you can do is keep cranking out hot beats!

        Here are some websites to get you started:

        1. Myspace. Yes, this is a bit of a given, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join. Myspace is falling gradually out of favor with the public, but it still is playing an important role for connecting musicians and music producers to each other and to the public. Myspace offers good tools for musicians to share their music, and taking advantage of these tools is a good idea while the site is still in business. The community has been around for years and can be an excellent resource for a starting musician.
        facebook logo2. Facebook. Recently Facebook has integrated some tools for musicians to share their music. Since Facebook is the number one social network in the entire world, you’d be remiss not to take advantage of the new opportunity to share your music with that enormous user base. You can now stream music through your Facebook page just as you can through your Myspace page. Considering FB was already useful before, it’s just better than ever now for finding new fans and making connections to others in the musical community. You can check out our Facebook Page to see what we do.
        3. Twitter. Twitter can be a great tool for reaching out to other people in your community and also for keeping up with your fan base. Twitter updates give you an easy way of sharing news, for example new tracks which you’ve posted for streaming or for download on other websites like Myspace or Facebook. A lot of people re-tweet news they find interesting, so Twitter can be a good way to disseminate the news about your beats and help others discover you. Since Twitter requires a minimal time investment, it’s easy for you and easy for others.
        4. SoundClick. This is a website which has millions of free songs for download and more than 500,000 bands. There are more than 4.5 million members registered with SoundClick. The site allows you to set up an artist profile page with pictures, a news feed, streaming mp3s, mp3s for download, and even mp3s for sale. There are sections for many different genres and there is even a section of the site devoted to beat making.
        5. Beat Swagger, Roc Battle, and My Beat Shop. These three sites allow you to buy and sell hip hop beats, and all come recommended by other beat makers. Other musicians come here to purchase beats for use in their own musical creations through a licensing agreement. This is a great way not only to get some extra attention but also some extra cash as you work on growing your career. There are dozens of similar websites, but not all of them are quality websites, so you’ll want to do some research before signing up for a new site you haven’t heard of. Some websites are scams and will try to sell you stuff, or try and cheat you in the licensing agreement.
        6. SoundCloud. This is a website for sharing audio files—any audio files, whether they’re music-related or not. Many users do share music and beats on the website, though, so it’s another good place to promote. You might also find some interesting samples here to use in your own work since some people just upload audio recordings of environment noise, snippets of conversation, etc.
        7. YouTube. Even though YouTube is a video website, lots of people upload music and beats to YouTube without video, and tons of users browse to listen and not just to watch. This is yet another great way of reaching out to new listeners. Check out to see how YouTube channel is used to promote DubTurbo!
        8. Last.fm. This radio website is another way to promote your music and help new listeners to discover you. The site recommends new music to listeners based on their existing taste; there are many artists on Last.fm who make beats—“beats” is a very popular tag there, even more popular than “instrumental hip-hop.” You can also opt to make your beats available for free download. They will be recommended to users in the free download section of their profiles if they are interested in similar music.
        9. Try blogging. A blog is yet another way to get noticed; if you update your blog regularly, you will be creating fresh content, and search engines like fresh content. Blogging also shows others that you are involved and gives people yet another way to contact you and to share their enthusiasm for your work. Reviews are very important, so any opportunity you have to get people to comment on what you’ve done is something you should pursue. WordPress is a great place to start.
        10. Start your own website. By creating your own website, you can fully customize the features you have available to you to share what you’ve created. You can maintain a blog on your site in order to interact with others and improve your site’s relevance to search engines. You can create a section for free downloads as well. One of the biggest advantages of creating a website is that you can install stat-counter tracking code on your site and see how many visitors you get each day, where they are in the world, and which URLs are directing them to your website. With this information you can improve your strategy. Just remember that if you build a website, people won’t find it unless you market it through social networking platforms like those listed above.

        In many ways, promoting your beats is a full time business, which means you’re going to be very busy. It won’t pay you much in the beginning but it can pay off big in the long run. With any creative endeavor, it’s important to strike a balance between creation and promotion—if you spend all your time promoting, you’ll get discouraged and your production will fall. If you spend no time promoting, no one will ever find out you existence. You won’t make it in this business through luck alone, but you also won’t make it without a little luck.

        Networking is of critical importance, so don’t just promote your own work without recognizing the great work of other beat makers. Forums are great places to start, check out War Beats, Future Producers and Rocbattle   Take the time to interact with others and get to know them on a real human level; share your strategies with each other, and leave positive reviews for other beat makers. What goes around comes around. You may also learn some more great promotional and creative techniques by interacting with other people in the music industry—and who knows? The next connection you make could be the one which helps you to finally find an audience.

        How do you promote your beats? Leave a comment below

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          DUBTurbo VST Preview – See What’s Coming

          If you’re a fan of DUBTurbo or are considering purchasing this audio editing platform, you’ll be pleased to hear that DUBTurbo is currently being adapted with Virtual Studio Technology (VST) capabilities. Don’t know what a VST is? VST is an interface which brings together audio synthesizing, effects, and audio editing. While VST freeware does exist already, a lot of it lacks the quality and capability which you’ll find with DUBTurbo.

          >>> Check Out DUBTurbo VST Here!

          What can you expect from the DUBTurbo VST? What new features have been unveiled?

          DUBTurbo’s VST includes dozens of kits with five to eight octaves full of beats. Starting out by creating a beat, you can group that beat with another onto the same VST channel to create a brand new beat effect. You can even continue to build on these beat loops with new channels. The new VST also includes far more effects than the original program to modify your sounds. The more control you have over your sounds, the more original and distinctive a result you can build out of the sounds you’re given to work with. Don’t forget that with DUBTurbo you’re never confined to the thousands of high quality sounds included in the program, either—you can record your own sounds and build instruments and drum kits out of those sounds from scratch.

          vst product screenshot

          DUBTurbo VST

          The new DUBTurbo Norbox allows you to master your final output signal—whether from DUBTurbo itself or something which you are directly recording. You can modify the left or right ear or the mono channel. The Norbox allows you to visually drag specific channels and pan them left or right at your own discretion. This is a far more involved process than the pan feature which comes with the original program and gives you much more control over the result. By modifying the sound in this way you can create a final result which has more depth and presence than a flat sound, or one which you can only pan in a limited fashion.

          dubturbo NORBOX screenshot

          The upcoming Norbox, part of the DUBTurbo VST

          Why go with DUBTurbo and not one of the dozens of other VST options out there right now? Many of those programs are free, but include only limited functionality. You want to get fine-tuned control over your recordings. Other VSTs offer a lot of great features but come at a high price which may be outside your range. Another drawback of a lot of VSTs is that they include functionality which you need but not necessarily in an intuitive way. You don’t want to spend all your time learning to use software—you want to get to making the music. That’s where DUBTurbo can already save you time. If you already use DUBTurbo, think about all the great functionality you get with the program as it is. The DUBTurbo VST will be able to save you even more time and money so you can get to doing what you love.

          DUBTurbo VST has JUST been released

          Note: The VST edition and the standalone version of DUBTurbo are packaged together for the price of just one! So don’t pay extra, buy your copy of DUBTurbo VST Now! And you will get the access to both of these awesome beat making programs

          DUBTurbo is also running a $5000 contest over the next 10 months. The contest was announced during the first DUBTurbo VST tutorial which gave us a preview of the exciting features of the new program. You can enter the contest by putting together your own hip new track on DUBTurbo and sharing it with the development team. The DUBTurbo team will select talented new musicians to win $500.00 in the contest. Good luck in the contest, and have fun!

          Check out the new video on the yet to be released, DUBTurbo VST


          Find Out More About DUBTurbo VST Here!

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            DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool Review

            If you’ve heard of DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool, you may or may not already know DUBTurbo— DUBTurbo is a top-notch beat making software designed for beginning and advanced users alike. With DUBTurbo you have everything at your disposal which you need to create the next dance-floor hit; the software is user friendly and easy to learn, gives you 40 kits of drumpads (10 in. each), a 4-octave keyboard and 16 tracks to build your beats on. DUBTurbo also includes thousands of mastered stereo-image sounds of the highest quality. Even if this was all you had to work with, you’d have enough to create great music for a long time! That doesn’t mean that you’re limited in any way with DUBTurbo, though; you can import your own sounds and download new ones monthly by joining the exclusive DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool.

            What is the DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool and what are the benefits of joining? It’s an exclusive first-come, first-serve service created by the makers of DUBTurbo. For a very reasonable monthly fee you get access to new sounds which only elite producers have access to. Every month on the 1st, a package of the hottest new sounds on the planet are sent out to the subscribers of the membership. But that subscriber pool is limited to just 500 people and spots are going fast. Right now more than half of the subscription spots are taken, so you’ll need to act fast to get in on the action!

            soundpool landing page header

            >>> Find Out More About The VIP Soundpool here!

            You could search the web high and low for sounds like these, but you’re not going to find samples this hot anywhere you look—no matter how much you’re willing to pay. When you subscribe, you’ll get a lot of sounds right away since the project has been in development for quite some time. All sound files you receive will come in the form of 44.1 stereo .WAV files with tons of variations included. You can use the sounds for either your drum kits or your keyboard in DUBTurbo; they’re totally interchangeable.

            january boxcoverHow much does membership in the exclusive DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool cost? Once availability drops to just 100-200 spots (and it’s well on its way!), the service will go for $87/month. Now here’s the great news—even though right now there are fewer than 250 spots still open, the service still isn’t priced at $87/month! Instead it’s a low monthly payment of just $19.95—indefinitely! Not only that, but for the first month of your membership you’ll pay only $4.95. After that the price goes up to $19.95.

            If you already use DUBTurbo, you know what an excellent sound-editing program it is, and that you can expect the same level of excellence from the DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool. If you love the thousands of sounds which come with DUBTurbo, then you can imagine how amazing the exclusive sounds are which only subscribers are eligible to receive! It’s true you can import any sound of your own creation into DUBTurbo, but trying to build sounds from scratch can be as time consuming as trying to search for them elsewhere. The VIP program spares you the time and the effort and lets you get back to making the music—with the most exciting sounds in the industry.

            There are few programs which are easier to set up and use than DUBTurbo… without sacrificing quality and flexibility for ease of use. DUBTurbo is used by beginners and professionals. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, than DUBTurbo is a great option at just $39.95. So if you don’t have it yet, check it out—it may be just what you’ve been searching for, and joining the DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool will give you new, electrifying sounds to work with every month. Who knows, the next VIP package to go out to subscribers may well have the sound you need to write your first hit. Fewer than half the spots are still open, so get in there fast before the price goes up to $87/month. After all 500 spots are taken, spots will only open up again as people unsubscribe from the service. And with such a great service, that could mean no spots will open up again for quite some time!

            >>> Visit The Official DUBTurbo VIP Soundpool Page!

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              DUBTurbo 2.0 Full List Of Bug Fixes & Improvements

              We got the full list of bug fixes and improvements that you will be seeing in DUBTurbo 2.0. The list is quite extensive and I think a lot of people will appreciate these changes. We’ll start with the bug fixes.

              Reading About It Won’t Make Beats, Download DUBTurbo Will!

              DUBTurbo 2.0 Bug Fixes

              • No matter what tempo change a user makes the loop function is tight and on point
              • Sounds will not be triggered when changing bar count or tempo
              • Volumes on all keys and drum panel individual pads now normalized, they stick
              • Significant load time and grid improvements when growing bars
              • Grid isn’t blurring/stretching anymore
              • No more lockups and/lor delays when changing to 64-128+ bars because of the grid optimization
              • Optimization for grid lines on longer projects
              • Bar limit now grown to 199 bars
              • Control + E will now open and close the drum panels. Audio will no longer be triggered with this shortcut
              • Tighter control of sounds on keyboard and per click on DUBTurbo 2.0
              • Easier to identify selected bars with better outlines and visual aids
              • There was a problem with the Ap playing on when looped, it will now stop playing at the end of an arrangement
              • Fixed bug: Changing an end loop node when using the pencil tool would draw a bar on track one
              • Open: Now users open a file, click loop, drag the end loop node and can play/keep editing files unlimited.
              • Save as – we recommend saving your work often – simply click ‘save as’ and overwrite the file you’re working on (as often as you’d like – or make versions as you build).
              • Saving – click “save us” and overwrite the file you’re working on or you can make newer versions as you keep building
              • Fixed bug: a few keys were causing errors when used on files and would not reopen correctly when saved
              • Can no longer draw bars on top of one another. This is to avoid confusion on why one is empty but it was still possible to hear things.
              • Can no longer draw drum panel notes on top of one another. Which doubled/tripled the volume as well.
              • Record button now universal as per action selected.
              • Bug fixed: Blocks were arranging off grid when loading a project in DUB Turbo 2.0
              • Bug fixed: Creating a new or loading a project sometimes didn’t clear the previous grid
              • Bug fixed: Time indicator was jumping just over the loop


              DUBTurbo 2.0 Improvements


              • It has been visually overhauled with the aim of better usability and navigation. This was achieved through a more efficient layout, color combination of the interface. You will be able to easily separate elements and functions.
              • 1000+ sounds added since version 1.5! Original sounds that have been produced in-house including more singers, rappers, beatboxers, harmonies, chords, live instruments and more.
              • Ability to copy bars vertically. This will be a real time saver, you can make a melody or beat and copy the bar vertically. For example it will allow users to make a drum pattern, copy it, edit the second one for a contrast, add more melodies then copy that to another channel and so on.
              • Backspace and delete buttons will now delete bars that are selected.
              • Sound and drum kit categories now moved to the left for full vertical view.
              • Sound and drum kit categories broken down into two alphabetical rows for easier nav/sorting.
              • Keyboard triggers for sounds and functional shortcuts now shown on all panels and keys and buttons for faster production capabilities and subtle reminders (grow to appreciate the shortcuts and triggers and you’ll make beats faster than ever – same goes with most software out there – I love my shortcuts!).
              • 3 new view modes added: normal, blackout and full screen.
              • Jog through sounds one at a time per key channel with the new keyboard sound jogger added to the front panel.
              • Filename added to the interface.
              • Grid filenames are now clickable in the drum panel. Will remind you what sound is where faster without having to look and/or click the pads below the grid.
              • You can now select multiple bars in DUBTurbo 2.0 by clicking, holding down control on the keyboard and clicking other bars until it has selected the bars you wish. Then you can copy further down the timeline as groups or one at a time just like before!


              >>>  Get DUBTurbo 2.0 by Clicking Here!

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                DUB Turbo 2.0 Demo – Get A Sneak Peak

                NOTE: DUB Turbo 2.0 is HERE – it has just been released! DUBTurbo 2.0 has been built from the ground up, in order words, from scratch. So what does that mean? Well it means that rather than just tweaking a few things, getting rid of the bugs and changing around the layout – the creators took what was great about DUB Turbo 1.5 and got feedback about what was bad about DUB Turbo 1.5… and then set about addressing the issues.

                Get An Exclusive 25% Off The Original Price Of  through our special link below
                Download DUB Turbo 2.0 for just $29.95!

                As a result DUB Turbo 2.0 promises to be much more stable and smooth. There’s also been a lot hate around this beat making software from big time producers and software companies saying it may not compare to their much more established DAWs. This may be the case but these people don’t understand DUB Turbo for what it is. The purpose of the software was never to compete against the other expensive DAWs around.

                The purpose is to offer solution for small time producers, people that make beats as a hobby or those that are just starting out in the business. DUB Turbo is much more affordable and has the power to create some really HOT beats and tracks. DUB Turbo was not meant for a producer that is working on the new track for Eminem, Drake or Rihanna.

                So What’s New In DUB Turbo 2.0?

                • New sleek interface and layout. Easier to navigate around the software.
                • Over 2,400 custom made sound kits, samples, voxes, effects, beatbox sounds
                • Better performance with a lot of the software bugs completely gone
                • Copy and paste bars vertically and in groups. Extend your tracks quick!
                • New panel designs
                • Crisper sounds
                • You can find a complete list of DUB Turbo 2.0 bug fixes and improvements here


                Check out part 1 of our DUB Turbo Demo video below


                Check out part 2 of our DUB Turbo Demo video below

                So Why Should You Buy DUB Turbo 2.0 Today?

                The main reason is that the price could go up, it is realistic to assume that with these extra sounds, bug fixes and better performance – it will raise the value of the software. However you’re in luck, the team have decided to keep the price the same, as a special introductory price. So if you don’t hesitate and purchase DUB Turbo 2.0, you will be able to get it at the same price as the predecessor! With our 25% discount, there’s even more reason to purchase through us (simply sign up on the top right of this website to get your discount link!)

                Don’t Wait To Wait? Get DUB Turbo Now >>> Click Here

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                  Difference Between DUBTurbo and FL Studio

                  Whenever you explore a new hobby or interest, it can be overwhelming. First there’s the langauge barrier. By langauge barrier, I’m talking about all the new lingo and slang relating to that particular field. Whether you’re golfing and learning about eagles and bogeys, or learning to cook and trying to figure out what blancing the chicken means – it can be confusing, to say the least.

                  Secondly, you need to consider the costs associated with that hobby. Those can range from lessons, to products, to services, memberships and a plethora of other things that are going to cost you money. Next, you will need to consider the amount of time you have to invest in this new hobby. Is it something you’re going to partake in daily? Weekly? A few times a year? Your ansers to these questions will help you figure out how far you plan to take this hobby. Do you have professional aspirations, or do you just want to have some fun at home?

                  It takes years to master any musical instrument, but there are more and more hobbyists deciding to try out digital audio production. Professional software packages can cost thousands of dollars and have very steep learning curves, especially for people without musical backgrounds. That’s a lot to spend for most aspiring bedroom-beatmakers, which opens up the door for software geared towards the beginner to intermediate skillsets.

                  The two software options I’m going to be taking a look at today are DubTurbo and FruityLoops.

                  Chances are, if you’re a total beginner, there’s going to be two primary features that you’re concerned with. Those are cost and ease of use. It’s as easy as pie to open FruityLoops for the first time and figure out how to make a beat right away. The problem is – and this remains true even after you have a grasp of the program – it’s always going to sound like a FruityLoops beat. That is, of course, until you start to spend money on expensive sound libraries, and have spent tons of time learning how to use the software. I wonder if FruityLoops deliberatley starts you off with a lackluster library in order to force you to buy additional sound packages?

                  DubTurbo also has a very narrow learning curve, you can watch a few tutorials and feel comfortable getting started making beats right away. As with anything, both programs will take time to master, but I feel like you have an advantage with DubTurbo because they start you off with an awesome selection of sounds, and it’s a lot easier to use for somebody who’s brand new to beat making. DubTurbo also offers sound packs that you can purchase separately, but you won’t feel gimped without having them right off the bat. All around, DubTurbo gives you much better value than FruityLoops with a much lower initial cost.

                  DubTurbo also gives you things you don’t even realize you need right away. Chances are, as a beginner, you aren’t worried about broadcast quality sound but that’s what you’re getting by default with DubTurbo. Once you grow your skills and decide to take it to the next level, you will need to check out the expensive software solutions, but DubTurbo gives you more than enough to get started with and proves an excellent platform for learning the ropes and making killer beats from day 1.


                  Click Here To Get The DUBTurbo 2.0 Discount

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                    Make rap beats or make hip hop beats the way to go is DAW

                    Anyone who wants to make it big in the beat making industry needs to be aware of its nuances and work with equipments and facilities that are of professional standards. An aspiring music enthusiast cannot risk using music making software that is expensive and complicated to use. The standard problem faced by musicians, typically by those who want to make rap beats or Make Hip Hop Beats is that the software support available in the market is not suitable to meet their requirements. Most beat making software are either cheap and thus do not include all features required to make rap beats of studio quality or too expensive and include complicated features which cannot be understood easily thus cannot be utilized to the optimum while attempting to make beats.

                    The way to go for people who really want to make rap beats or hip hop beats is to use an effective beat making software or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that is both affordable and simple to use – one such example is Dub Turbo. Making beats using the right software is critical for rap musicians to be recognized as professionals, nobody wants to be associated with sounds that snare or mellow without meaning. A good musician knows that rap music beats must follow three stages – first strike the right baseline, then get the base kick right and finish the snare with finesse to create beats that are groovy and foot tapping. Only an effective DAW can support this in the optimum way.

                    Features required of a beat making software:

                    When one tries to make hip hop beats, getting the right software is of utmost importance, here is what the ideal software must feature to assist the rapper to make rap beats with ease:

                    • Be easy to use and yet contain sophisticated features that promise quality output
                    • Offer studio level clarity when exported
                    • Contain open key editors for effective editing
                    • Be capable of importing WAVs
                    • Feature options that allow musicians to switch from rap to house beats with ease
                    • Contain intuitive shortcuts and tap functions
                    • Be compatible with most leading operating systems
                    • Easily downloadable
                    • Easy editing should be made possible
                    • Must be affordable by first time musicians
                    • Contain exhaustive sound libraries
                    • Must be accessible online and on PCs
                    • Contain export and import functions
                    • Drum kits and sounds must be easy to switch over

                    DJs, rappers, singers, beat boxers, musicians, instrumentalists, drummers in fact audio enthusiasts of all kinds can make use of such software to add a professional touch to their music and recording. This kind of software helps musicians to gain exposure and assists them in selling their music. When the idea is to add zing and create music that earns universal appeal, a good beat making software is a great idea. So whether the idea is to make rap beats or make hip hop beats getting the right software is what will get musicians there.

                    Get The DUBTurbo 2.0 Discount Here

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